Review: Avon Calming Effect Illuminating foundation


Hi lovelies!
Today I am not going to do any fashion post and I am thinking to do more beauty posts in the future.
This is going to be a foundation review and today's topic is this Avon Calming Effect Illuminating foundation.

I am using this foundation for a while now and I am very satisfied with it.
I have dry to normal skin, but more normal I guess. Because of that I have used the illuminating one but there is matte one too. There is five shades I think and I am using the shade Nude.
I can proudly say that I have pretty clear face so this foundation is good for me. It has medium coverage, it evens the complexion but if you have larger irregularities such as acne or scars, then this foundation isn't for you.  
The foundation has pretty glass bottle with a lid on the bulb which ejects a small amount of powder so it cannot overdo it wich is good. It has a rare consistency and is very light on the face so you doesn't feel face-lift or something and it doesn't change color after some time. I think that I have never wear it longer than 7 hours or something like that and I am very glad with the lasting on the face but I think that this depends of your skin a lot. 

I would really recommend this foundation if you have normal or dry skin. It doesn't cost a lot so you definitely should try it.

I hope you will like this post.
See you soon.
Xoxo, J.

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  1. Thanks so much for this review! I am currently looking for a new foundation, and that sounds like something I would like to try:) Have a great weekend!


  2. Great in depth review. It’s always cool to see different beauty products.



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