25 Christmas gift ideas for a girl


Hello there!
Christmas is so near! I can't believe! Today I am showing you some ideas for Christmas gifts for your friend, girlfriend, mother, sister or any girl in your life. I hope you will like the post and get some inspirations!

1. Lipstick
Lipstick is always a good idea for girls. If she likes some vibrant colors or nudes, lipstick is something you can't go wrong.  

2. Shadow pallette
Pallete is a good idea too if she likes makeup. If you don't really know, does she love bright or darker colors, buy a pallette with nude colors. 

3. Makeup brushes set
How can you even put your makeup on your face without some good quality brushes? So yes, brushes are also very good gift for girl who likes makeup! I would like to get a set, too! 

3. Cozy blanket
This one and next two are my favorites. It is winter and I think that Christmas gifts should be winter oriented. I love blankets, especially those Christmas themed, red and white ones. But any soft cozy blanket is exellent choice. 

4. Pajamas
I think that pajamas are the one thing I could live in. I love them so much! Any color is good for me! If you know that she likes pajamas too, go buy one! I know she would like the present!

 5. Slippers
Like pajamas, some big warm slippers are amazing!
6. Sunglasses
 Yes, we need sunnies for winter too!
7. Candles
I love candles! You can find pretty amazing candles that would be great as a gift.
8. Coffee mug
I am pretty obsessed with mugs. I buy them too often and don't have enough days in the week to use them all! Now, in Christmas time, you can find so cute mugs holiday decorated. 
9. Oversized scarf
The most important part of the outfit on winter! The bigger is the better!
10. Phone case
 Search those with Christmas theme!
11. Jewellery
If you don't know what to buy, with jewellery you can't go wrong. I would suggest chokers!
12. Beanie and gloves
Like scarfs, they are winter essentials. 
13. Gift card
Gift cards are not my choice for Christmas present, but why not?!
14. Perfume
 Don't buy just any perfume, be sure you know wich one she likes the most!
15. Photo frame with a  photo
 I love those personalized presents. Put a photo that you took in some special place or moment that means something to both of you. 
16. Jar with special messages
Another excellent gift! It doesn't mean that you need to spent hundreds to find a good present! You just need some time and imagination! 
17.Christmas decorations
Some decorations to but on the tree or any other kind would be amazing!

18. Sweater
Or any other piece of clothes, but sweaters are the most important for winter. Try to buy those with holiday details
19. Box with Christmas cookies
 If she loves to eat sweets, this is amazing kind of present. Put different types of cookies in the box and don't forget one big ribbon on the top.

20. Kitchen supplies
If she loves to cook or bake, like me, this would be great choice. Find those cookie molds or things like that. I hope someone buy me the gift like this! 


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  1. I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, Liz

  2. I love your selection of holiday gifts! Especially the pink and white striped pajamas!
    xo Debbie | www.tothineownstylebetrue.com


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