Black with flowers


Happy Sunday!
How are you spending the weekened so far? My Sunday is pretty much like the weather today: cloudy and gloomy. Only thing I will be doing today is studying for my exam tomorrow. That means it is 'all day in pajamas' day with lot of tea and dark chocolate because I am obsessed with both. 
Yesterday was so sunny that I felt like it is spring so my outfit was full of flowers and black color, because black is always a great idea. I love bright colors but black is black. I decided to finally wear this beautiful top I've got from Zaful.
As you can see it was sunny and windy and my hair was all around me. But I am used to that.
This will be all from me today. I wish you all an amazing week! See you soon!

Top: Zaful here
Pants: Bershka 
Bag: Zaful here
Boots: Gamiss here

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  1. Love so much your floral top. It's so cool!

  2. Such a lovely outfit! The top is very pretty!
    Gemma x


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