My tanning essentials


When it's summer, the most important thing is how to get more tanned. Very important is to keep our skin hydrated and protected from sunburns. Not only that sunburns hurt and make our skin look dry, sun can affect the skin aging, too.
I have few things that are my must have when it comes to sunbathing. 

1. NIVEA SUN Protect & Moisture Sun Lotion

The sun cream is very important for your first few times when you are trying to get some tan. You need to protect your skin from sun with cream or losion before you try to use some oil. This sun cream is my favorite at the moment. I also put this losion on my face.

2. NIVEA tanning oil

After I get some tan, I start to use oil for tanning. This is my go to oil. It smells good, too.

3. SUNDANCE Aloe Vera Après Gel

And the thing that is very important for me is good losion after sunbathing. I love thing that have aloe vera. This gel is perfect. It is fast apsorbing, smells good and have cooling effect what is very important because I feel so hot.

4. AVON Care Rose Hips Rich Cream

After my time on sun, I put this cream on my face. It is cream for face, hands and body. It is just universal, but I like it because is very hydrating. I have dry to normal skin and it moisturises my face so good. I love the rosehips smell too.

I hope you like my post. See you soon.
Xoxo , J.

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