Review: Le Edge Full Body Exfoliator


In this post I am reviewing this Le Edge Full Body Exfoliator. Le Edge is an Australian company and they say that they are the next generation in exfoliation. I had the chance to try their product and here is my experience.
Firstly, let's say something more about this exfoliator. It is all-over body exfoliation tool. It has many benefits and this are few of them:
  • brighter, healthier and more even complexion
  • prevents breakouts by removing and reducing a build u of toxins and dead skin cells that clog pores
  • allows your other product treatments deeper penetration and therefore more effective, leaving your skin truly hydrated
  • reduces appearance of ingrown hairs and bumps from shaving
Le Edge is good for men's and woman's skin care.

How to use:
  1. Lé Edge is for use on wet skin.  Exfoliate your face and body when in the shower or bath. Warm running water will help to open up the skin’s pores, or, have a warm basin of water to wet down the skin.
  2.  Hold your Lé Edge at a 45-degree angle to the area you are exfoliating. Place your fingers where indicated by the power grips to prevent slipping.
  3. The warm water will soften the skin surface allowing Lé Edge to slide along the skin collecting the outer layer of dead skin cells, and debris such as soap, creams, oils, dirt, or instant tan remnants.
  4.  Move to another area of the face or body always sliding along the skin in the direction that feels comfortable for you.
  5.  Continue exfoliating over the entire body using firm but controlled pressure. Be gentle over the more delicate skin like the neck and inner thigh area.
  6.  Towel dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.
Le Edge is for healthy skin only. Do not use it on red, inflamed or irritated skin conditions such as sunburn, psoriasis or acne. Do not use it on the area around eyes, or aggravate varicose veins, warts or moles.  


Now, my review of the product. I have used this exfoliator on face and body. I have pretty dry skin and thought that this could help. Le Edge should remove dead skin from your body but I guess that maybe I didn't have any dead skin because I didn't see nothing on the exfoliator except my washing gel. But my skin was so soft after using it. I think that I would see more difference after using it for longer time, but now I think that this product isn't bad.  

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This post is sponsored by Le edge.  

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