Pink is everywhere


Happy Sunday everybody!
How did you spend last week? Any plans for the following one?
I guess the most of you are going home from vacation to the reality. I am big fan of summer but it is enaugh for me. Now, I can't wait for Christmas. High five if you're counting days till Christmas holidays! I hope I'm not alone.
But it's still hot to think about winter so I'm just enjoying in sun every day I can.
In this post I am showing you the most beautiful and the cutest pair of sandals I have ever had. Also, they are velvet, my favorite material ever so I love them more. I got them from Amiclubwear. You can found on their site more beautiful shoes and clothes too.
This is my first time trying this Rose Lemonade too. I was so excited to try it but I'm a bit disappointed. It's not so bad but nothing special. It's pink so it's still pretty to see it.
Wish you all an amazing week!
See you very soon!

Top: Springfield
Shorts: Bershka
Sandals: Amiclubwear here
Scarf: Zaful

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  1. Gorgeous shoes!

    Chloe x

  2. Oh my gosh your outfit is absolute perfection; you look so chic and luxurious! The shoes are super cute and the silk scarf tied around your neck finishes the look off perfectly babe :) x

  3. Your outfits amazing! But those shoes are just gorgeous xx

  4. These are such a fun pair so sandals. I love that they're velvet. It's such an unusual material for summer shoes.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style


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